1. I was a______ that they hadn’t turned up.

1. I was a______ that they hadn’t turned up.
2. Every man is born equal, regardless of color, race, or n______.
3. Most first-year students live on c______, for it is safe and convenient.
4. There followed an a______ silence while we all tried to think of something to say.
5. There’s a lot to e______ in senior high, and I believe I can learn much as well as make new friends.
6. An increasing number of students ________ (注册) for degree courses each year.
7. We had a very _________ (焦虑的) time until we knew that they were safe.
8. First ___(印象)is very important, because you never get a second chance to make another one.
9. The most famous ______(设计师) are Chinese, so are the models, and so are the consumers.
10. As students in ________ (级别较高的) high school, the most important task is to study hard, which determines our future.
1.annoyed  2. nationality   3.campus    4.awkward       5.explore
6. register   7. anxious    8.impression   9.designers      10. senior
1. He’s a fashion ______ (design) who’s always swimming against the stream; his work is very original.
2. It’s hard to describe how feel on my first day at senior high. It’s a mixture of______(anxious)and excitement.
3. Once you have __________ (confident), you will make greater progress in your work.
4. Sofia looked around at all the faces: she had the __________ (impress) that she had seen most of the guests before.
5. The number of new private car __________ (register) has increased.
6. The old woman looked at me with a cold stare, making me so __________ (frighten).
7. She lives in France but has British __________ (national).
8. You will get __________ (annoy) in a theater when a person talks too loudly.
9. The company is concentrating __________ increasing its market share overseas.
10. She is senior __________ everyone else in the company.
1. designer    2.anxiety     3. confidence    4. impression    5. registrations
6. frightened    7. nationality   8. annoyed    9. on    10. to
next to, add...to..., concentrate on, senior high school, be anxious about,
make a good impression on, what if, leave...alone, be junior to,a t last,
1. After graduating from a junior high school, he entered a ____________________.
2. __________ the boy __________. He can make up his mind.
3. She turned down the invitation to his birthday party in order to ___________ her studies.
4. _________________ the teacher finds out that you haven’t finished your homework?
5. _________________, Mike did give up smoking success-fully because of his wife’s help.
6. Helen __________________ her son travelling on his own.
7. Proper clothes will help you _________________ others.
8. The office looked exactly the same as before, only some pictures __________ the wall.
9. He _________________ me, though he is older.
10. I got a place ______________ the window, so I had a good view of the sidewalk.
1. senior high school    2. Leave, alone    3. concentrate on  4. What if    5. At last   
6. is anxious about    7. make a good impression on   8. were added to   9. is junior to  10. next to
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