1.There ________ a great number of students entering for the exam, and the number of them ________ i


1.There ________ a great number of students entering for the exam, and the number of them ________ increasing nowadays. (be)
2.The number of people present at this meeting ________ 100, a number of whom ________ journalists today. (be)  
3.The number of people who ________ (owner) cars ________ (be) increasing.
4.The police ________(keep)track of the underground organization for two years
5.The teacher, as well as his students, ________ (be) interviewed shortly after the National Senior School English Competition for their perfect performance
6.Jane Goodall finds that there ________ (be) a strong bond between members of a chimp family.
7.The price of oil ____ (increase) by 2% since last December.
8.The number of the students in class 1&2 ________ (amount) to 116.
9.Large amounts of time ________ (be) wasted.
10.One day, it was cloudy. An old man together with his grandson ________ (wait) for the bus at the bus stop when I passed by.
11.I, as well as my parents __________ (be) going to be vaccinated (接种疫苗)against COVID-19.
12.Generally, Charles Babbage ________(consider ) to be the first to invent a computer
13.I will make more preparations before the final examination if time ________ (permit). 14.I want to see a film with you this week. Let’s fix a time that ___________ (suit) you.
15.It________ (confirm) that the Prime Minister will visit France next month.
16.Professor Wang, as well as his two students, ________(appoint) to the university recently. 17.Tommy was one of the doctors who________ (be) devoted to saving people’s lives in WuHan.
18.The family, as well as some neighbors________ (be) consulting an expert about some issues of decoration now.
19.Since the Internet found its way into ordinary people's families, people's way of life _________ (influence) greatly.
20.Our physics teacher said that light __________ (travel) faster than sound
21.Right now, the deer ______ (watch) over by many volunteers.
22.Just in front of our house _______( stand ) an ancient tree with a history of 1,000 years.
23.The greatest benefit of Internet friendships is that they________ (base) on common interests.
24.A library as well as 5,000 books ______(offer) to the country as a gift last year.
25.The document we are looking through ______ (consist) of millions of pages of data.
26.Is this the first time he ______(see) aliens landing on the moon?
27.The wrinkles on the premier’s face suggest that he ________ (be) no longer young.
28.Their car ________(catch) in a traffic jam(堵塞),thus causing the delay
29.For thousands of years, the festival _________ (mark) by eating Zongzi and racing dragon boats in honour of Qu Yuan.
30.Being too anxious to help an event develop often _________ (result) in the contrary to our intention.
31.Carle Pieters, a scientist at Brown University, says, "because it_________ (mean) we have the chance to obtain information about how the moon _________ (construct)"
32.I _________ (not know) you _________ (wait) for me here.
33.While my father _________ (look) through the evening paper, he suddenly _________ (let) out a cry of surprise.
34.—The tape recorder _________ (be) out of order last week.
—We _________ (have) it repaired the day before yesterday. It _________ (be) in good condition ever since.
35.A 12-year-old kid ________(bite) by a king brown snake several days ago
36.When and where to go for the on-salary holiday ________ (not decide) yet
37.The new generation of computers, with artificial intelligence, ________ (develop) and perfected now.
38.—I’ll go and see you off at the airport this afternoon.
—Thanks, but the plane ________(take) off at 5:45, and you will be still working.
38.It is Tom, rather than you, that ________(be)to blame.
40.-Do you have any plan for the coming holiday?
-I thought I might stay with my parents, but something unexpected_____________(occur).

These activities ________ ________ ________ enriching students’ life.
This book ________ ________ ________ the life of the students. No wonder it is so popular with the teenagers.
We tend to have a better memory for things that excite our senses or ________ ________ our emotions than for straight facts.
His job _________ _________ helping old people who live alone.
Either your watches or mine _________ wrong.


1.are    is    
2.is    are    
3.own    is    
4.have been keeping
7.has increased
10.was waiting
12.is considered
15.is confirmed/ has been confirmed
16.has been appointed
19.has been influenced
21.is/are being watched
23.are based
24.was offered
26.has seen
28.was caught
29.has been marked
31.means    is constructed    
32.didn’t know    were waiting    
33.was looking    let    
34.was    had    has been    
35.was bitten
36.has not been decided
37.are being developed
40.has occurred
41.were    aimed    at    
42.is    based    on/upon    
43.appeal    to    
44.consists    of    

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