A MOTHER’S DAY SURPRISE The twins were filled with excitement as they thought of the surprise they w

Exercise 6
The twins were filled with excitement as they thought of the surprise they were planning for Mother’s Day. How pleased and proud Mother would be when they brought her breakfast in bed. They planned to make French toast and chicken porridge. They had watched their mother in the kitchen. There was nothing to it. Jenna and Jeff knew exactly what to do.
The big day came at last. The alarm rang at 6 a.m. The pair went down the stairs quietly to the kitchen. They decided to boil the porridge first. They put some rice into a pot of water and left it to boil while they made the French toast. Jeff broke two eggs into a plate and added in some milk. Jenna found the bread and put two slices into the egg mixture. Next, Jeff turned on the second stove burner to heat up the frying pan. Everything was going smoothly until Jeff started frying the bread. The pan was too hot and the bread turned black within seconds. Jenna threw the burnt piece into the sink and put in the other slice of bread. This time, she turned down the fire so it cooked nicely.
Then Jeff noticed steam shooting out of the pot and the lid starting to shake. The next minute, the porridge boiled over and put out the fire. Jenna panicked. Thankfully, Jeff stayed calm and turned off the gas quickly. But the stove was a mess now. Jenna told Jeff to clean it up so they could continue to cook the rest of the porridge. But Jeff’s hand touched the hot burner and he gave a cry of pain. Jenna made him put his hand in cold water. Then she caught the smell of burning. Oh dear! The piece of bread in the pan had turned black as well.
As the twins looked around them in disappointment, their father appeared.
 their father appeared. Father’s appearing was like a savior to the two children. Under the guidance of their father, they took positive actions and started all over again. They made the bread and then went on cooking porridge. Father helped them adjust the fire, which was the key to success. It was all right this time. Delicious breakfast was ready. How happy they were!
The twins carried the breakfast upstairs and woke their mother up. When their mother saw the delicious and perfect breakfast in front of her, she was very surprised. It was not only the gift, but the love of the children for her that moved her very much. The two children could finish cooking a breakfast, which she didn’t expect. The children said loudly, “Happy Mother’s Day!” Mother hugged them tightly and kissed them again and again.
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