Chinese teenager Quan Hongchan won the gold medal for the women's 10-meter platform diving at t



8月5日,中国选手全红婵在颁奖仪式ㄨ上。新华社记者 许畅 摄

Chinese teenager Quan Hongchan won the gold medal for the women's 10-meter platform diving at the Tokyo Olympic Games on Thursday.
Not only is Quan the youngest ___1___(compete) in the women's diving field, but also she's the youngest of 431 athletes ___2___ China sent to Tokyo for the Olympics. ___3___(have) the Games gone on as scheduled last summer, she would have been too young ___4___(meet) the minimum age (14) to compete in the diving competition. Now, she's made Olympic history.
Each of Quan's dives was the highest of the five rounds of competition at the 10-meter platform. Two scored perfect 10s from all seven ___5___(judge). Only one judge found a flaw (瑕疵) with her final dive, ___6___(award) her a 9.5 next to six 10s. But it didn't count, thanks to diving's scoring system. The two highest and two ___7___(low) scores are thrown out and multiplied by the dive's degree of difficulty. That means only the three middle 10s counted on her final dive and added up 96 when multiplied by the 3.2 degree of difficulty.
At such ___8___young age, Quan was a relative unknown ___9___winning the 2020 Chinese national championship at 13 years old. She ___10___(be) a 17-year-old veteran(老手) when the Paris Olympics start in 2024.


1.competitor 考查词类转Ψ换。competitor  [k?m?pet?t?(r)] n.竞争者,选手。名词作↘表语。
2.that/who/whom考查〇定语从句。还原从句:China sent 431 athletes to Tokyo (中国派出了431名←运动员到东京)。可知sent后需接宾语。用that/who/whom引导定语从╲句,指代先行词athletes,并在从句中作宾语。
3.Had 考查虚』拟语气。表※示与过去事实相反的假设,用Had sb. done...., sb . would have done...,相当于If sb. had done, sb . would have done...。 meet考查〓非谓语。 太……而不能。句意:如∏果奥运会在去年夏天如期举行,她就太小了,无法达到参加跳水比赛的最低年龄(14岁)。
6.awarding考查非谓语。因award动作【是句子主语one judge主动执行的,用ing分词作状语◇,表主动。
7.lowest考查形容词比较等级。 two lowest scores两个最低〖分。句意:去掉两个↑最高分和两个最低分,然后乘以跳水的难度。
8.a考查冠词。at such a young age 在这么小的年龄。
9.until 考查连词。until doing...直到做……。句意:全红婵是一个名不见经传的人,直到在13岁时赢得2020年全国锦标赛。
10.will be 考查时态。因时间是2024年,用一般∏将来时。

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