The Department of Health and Social Care is giving the NHS and local councils in England £70m

2 肥胖率过高:英国政府出巨资鼓励国民减重


UK government may start offering financial rewards for becoming healthier
The Department of Health and Social Care is giving the NHS and local councils in England £70m 1_____( pay) for up to 700, 000 overweight or obese people to go on weight management courses, or work with a 2_____(person) coach to help them shed unwanted pounds.
Experts 3_____(look) at whether initiatives such as the national step challenge in Singapore could work in England. Citizens 4_____(offer) cash payments if they do a certain amount of physical activity, such as walking and running, and their progress is measured through wearable devices.
Research 5_____(publish) in the British Medical Journal last year found that 1.6 million Singaporeans — 26% of the population — had taken part in the government-backed scheme. In return for undertaking certain numbers of steps, 6_____(participate) earned "health points" which they could exchange for rewards worth up to US$10.
Downing Street has 7_____(recent) been exploring the use of financial incentives to encourage people to lead 8_____(healthy), more active lives and privately sought the views of leading health charities, such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.
Boris Johnson, 9____ has become determined to undertake meaningful action against Britain's obesity crisis after his stint in hospital last year with Covid, endorsed the latest government action on bulging waistlines. He has slimmed down from a reported 108kg at the time he went into St Thomas' hospital and is eating more healthily and taking regular exercise, aides say.
"Being overweight 10_____(increase) the risk of becoming ill with Covid. If we all do our bit we can reduce our own health risks but also take pressure off the NHS, "the prime minister said.
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