A robot designed for fun by Indonesian villagers and scientists has found a new use during the coron

A robot designed for fun by Indonesian villagers and scientists has found a new use during the coronavirus health crisis. It brings food, and ___1___(hope) a smile, to people who have COVID-19.
Unlike the complex robots ___2___(use) in Japan and other countries, this Indonesian robot is made of household things objects, like pots and pans and ___3___ old television. It is now called the "Delta robot," ___4___ the variant of the coronavirus that has spread through Indonesia and the world.
The robot's head is made from a rice cooker. It ___5___(operate) by remote control - a device that is used to control ___6___(equip) from a distance by using electronic signals. The robot is one of several in the village of Tembok Gede, ___7___ has become known for its creative use of technology.
After ___8___(move) down the street to the home of a self-isolating villager, the robot's speaker sends out the message "Peace be with you," followed by "A delivery is here. Get well soon."
The village ___9___(lie) within Surabaya, capital of East Java and Indonesia's second-biggest city. A ___10___(power) second wave of coronavirus infections has appeared there over the past month.





1.hopefully 考查词类转换。修饰动词brings,用副词作状语。句意:它给新冠病毒感染者运来食物,并希望带来微笑。
2.used 考查非谓语。robots used in Japan and other countries日本和其他国家使用的机器人。因机器人是“被使用”的,用过去分词作后置定语,表被动。
3.an 考查冠词。an old television 一台旧电视机。表示“一”,用不定冠词,元音前用an。
4.after 考查介词。表示“以/依照……命名”,用after。To be named after someone means to be given the same name as them。
5.is operated 考查被动语态。因机器人是“被操作”的,用被动语态。
6.equipment 考查词类转换。作control的宾语,用名词形式。句意:它由遥控器操作,遥控器是一种利用电子信号远距离控制设备的装置。
7.which 考查定语从句。还原从句:The village of Tembok Gede has become known for its creative use of technology. 虽先行词为village,指地点,但所填词在从句中作主语,所以用which而不用where引导定语从句。 句意:该机器人是Tembok Gede村的几个机器人之一,该村因其创造性地使用技术而闻名。
8.moving 考查非谓语。after doing 做了……之后。
9.lies 考查时态。描述主语现阶段的动作或者状态,用一般现在时。句意:该村位于东爪哇省首府、印度尼西亚第二大城市泗水。
10.powerful 考查词类转换。修饰名词wave,用形容词作定语。

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