Which is more important when an architect designs a building: beauty or function?

Which is more important when an architect designs a building: beauty or function?
At the start of the twentieth century, Louis Sullivan, one of the creators of modern architecture said that “form follows function.” Functionalism is used to describe the idea behind architecture which primarily focuses on the purpose of a building. However, many people disagree with this and feel that beauty is a more important factor(因素)in architectural design. In the modern world, it seems that most architects combine both ideas: aiming to create buildings which are both functional and beautiful.
The reason for creating a building in the first place is clearly very important. For example, when building an airport terminal, you need to think of the needs of passengers as well as planes. Passengers want to get to their plane as quickly as they can, and planes need to be parked in a more efficient way. As such, many airport terminals have a circular shape with satellite areas. Residential homes need to have enough space for a family, art galleries need wall space to show pictures, and factories need to manufacture goods as efficiently as possible.
Beauty, however, is also important when it comes to the construction of a building. Living or working in an ugly place creates a depressing and uninspiring environment. On the contrary, an attractive building can make people feel happier and increase their motivation to work. There is also a wider responsibility to society which architects have to consider. Beautiful, well-constructed buildings are a symbol of a civilized society, and reflect well on the business or reputation of the owner.
In theory, there seems to be no reason why architecture cannot be both functional and beautiful. Yet in practice, this can cause problems. The Guggenheim Museum in New York, was supposed to combine beauty with function. Many consider the museum's white spiral ramp (螺旋坡道) beautiful, but there have been complaints that it is impractical, as it is difficult to stand back to view the art. Also, the ramp is so narrow that it can become overcrowded. It seems that even a celebrated design has problems with functionality.   
If architects focus only on function, buildings may be cold, ugly and uninteresting. On the other hand, if they focus only on making it look beautiful, the building may be completely impractical. Therefore, combining these two ideas is necessary to create the perfect piece of architecture.
7. From paragraph 3, what is the form of a building closely connected with?
A. Its specific function. B. Its exceptional beauty.
C. The architect's idea. D. The changing world.
8 Why is beauty an important factor in architectural design?
A. It is a guarantee of people's work efficiency. B. It can give people spiritual satisfaction.
C. It suggests the fine reputation of an architect. D. It is a reflection of ancient civilization.
9. The Guggenheim Museum serves as an example to tell us ________.
A. it is function rather than beauty that architects should focus on
B. world famous buildings must be beautiful as well as practical
C. there is no chance at all to have function and beauty connected
D. it can be difficult to have function and beauty perfectly combined
10. What is the suitable title for the article?
A. Architecture: beauty or function? B. Argument: theory or practice?
C. Preference: abstract or concrete? D. Conflict: Fantastic or realistic?
7. A    8. B    9. D    10. A
7. A。推理判断题。根据第三段内容可知,创建一个建筑物的原因是它的具体功能,因此推断与建筑物的形式密切相关的是它的具体功能。
8. B。细节理解题。根据第四段首句 可知,建筑设计的↘美让人快乐,提高工作动力。由此可知,美能给人㊣精神上的满足,是建筑设计》的重要因素。
9. D。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段举了纽约的古根海姆博物馆的例子来说明这个观点,纽约的古根海姆博物馆,本来是要把美和功能结合起来的。许多人认为博物馆的白色螺旋坡道很漂亮,但也有人抱怨说,这是不切实际的。此外,坡道太窄,可能会变得过于拥挤。因此似乎即使是一个著名的设计也有功能上的问题,因此推断古根海姆博物馆作为一个例子,告诉我们功能与美很难完美结合。
10. A。主旨大意题←。通读全文,特别是根据第一段“Which is more important when an architect designs a building: beauty or function?”可推断,短文主要讲了建筑上人们关注的两个问题:功能性和美观,很多时候都不能兼顾两者,因此最好的建筑要结合这两种。故A项“建筑:美还是功能?”作为标题最合适。
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