In 1999, Eve and Norman Fertig, a couple, saved a two-week-old shepherd (牧羊犬) named Shana.

第一节 完形填空(共20小题,每小题1.5分,满分30分)
In 1999, Eve and Norman Fertig, a couple, saved a two-week-old shepherd (牧羊犬) named Shana.
One winter several years later, as the Fertigs, both then 81, ____16____ the injured and hungry animals housed in one of their buildings, a ____17____ snowstorm blew in. When the couple went outside to check the weather, several trees fell,____18____ them in a narrow path between two ____19____. Eve and Norman couldn’t climb over or duck below the ____20____. For the next two and a half hours, they crowded together for ____21____ as the snow piled higher. “We were ____22____,” Eve said. “I thought we could die out here.”
Around 9:30 pm, Shana , who was outside, began ____23____ toward Eve and Norman in the deep snow. It took her nearly two hours, but ____24____ she cleared a narrow tunnel(隧道)about 20 feet long ____25____ the front door of the main house with the Fertigs’ ____26____.
When breaking through the snow and ____27____ the couple, the 160-pound dog barked and caught Eve’s jacket and____28____ the 86-pound woman onto her back. Norman ____29____ Eve’s ankles, and for the next two hours, Shana pulled the couple through the tunnel.
Thanks to Shana’s ____30____, they finally reached the house around 2 am., and the Fertigs ____31____ to get just inside the front door. Extremely ____32____, they lay there, still. The storm had ____33____ the electricity and heat, ____34____ Shana slept next to them all night to keep them warm until the firemen found them.
After five months, Shana’s feet recovered from the injuries she ____35____ while digging.
16. A. fed B. found C. rescued D. trained
17. A. strange B. unique C. violent D. normal
18. A. covering B. pushing C. delivering D. trapping
19. A. rooms B. buildings C. tunnels D. animals
20. A. trunks B. fences C. leaves D. roofs
21. A. faith B. warmth C. freedom D. sympathy
22. A. in vain B. in sight C. in trouble D. in place
23. A. barking B. checking C. digging D. scanning
24. A. carefully B. eventually C. casually D. hopelessly
25. A. comparing B. providing C. equipping D. connecting
26. A. position B. bedroom C. tree D. tent
27. A. observing B. reaching C. returning D. passing
28. A. threw B. controlled C. fastened D. guided
29. A. lifted B. turned C. pressed D. seized
30. A. efforts B. growth C. habits D. eagerness
31. A. managed B. planned C. waited D. afforded
32. A. stressful B. unprepared C. tired D. desperate
33. A. focused on B. knocked out C. got over D. kept off
34. A. for B. since C. or D. but35. A. discovered B. predicted C. received D. remembered
答案】16. A    17. C    18. D    19. B    20. A    21. B    22. C    23. C    24. B    25. D    26. A    27. B    28. D    29. D    30. A    31. A    32. C    33. B    34. D    35. C
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